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Andrew’s First High School Semester – A Success!


The final exam info is in…………………………..1B, 2As, and 1A+!!!!!!!


We couldn’t be more thrilled for Andrew and how hard he worked.  But now the rubber meets the road and Andrew has been waiting for years for the classes he is in this semester.  He is taking Algebra I, English (they are going to study Romeo and Juliet and To Kill a Mockingbird) and US History, where he is learning about trench warfare and its effects on the war.  He is excited every day to go to school and so far, every day has been “awesome” when he returns home.

Look for more updates on how school is going and thanks again for all of your continued support.  Don’t forget to share these posts so Andrew can continue to “reach millions!”

3 thoughts on “Andrew’s First High School Semester – A Success!

  1. Danielle hummel

    Darn it!! I really wanted to meet you when I was in Missouri ar Dan and Marsha’s. I hope next time!! So proud of you!!! Amazing grades!! :)

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