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This is a post from Facebook that I published 2 years ago today, one day after Andrew found his voice.  Our lives changed forever that day!!!!!  Andrew has accomplished so much and has never given up and has challenged us to do the same.  We are so proud of you Andrew!!!!!


Post Dated April 25, 2014:

Warning: you will need kleenex while reading this…….

Andrew and I are in Indianapolis for a Supported Typing Conference. During his evaluation yesterday, he typed many things. However, the one thing he typed that will forever change my life is “You are the best mom and I love you!” MY SON TOLD ME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE THAT HE LOVES ME! Praise God for this miracle! I never thought he would be able to communicate that!

As Andrew is learning to use his voice through typing, he also told me something that broke my heart. This afternoon he typed “sad because caring for me is so hard.” Oh how that hurt my heart! I told him that God made him exactly the way He planned and that God doesn’t make mistakes.

Please pray for us this weekend as I learn to support Andrew as he types and he learns that we believe in him. I also ask that all those in his life alter your “perceptions” of Andrew. He is clearly a smart and caring 14 year old who wants to tell the world all the things he hasn’t been able to for the last 14 years! Let’s be there for him and thanks to those who have prayed without ceasing for this day!

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  1. Patricia Cotterell

    Thanks for sharing, Andrew. I am Rachel Oswald’s grandmother in New Mexico. She told me about working with you last year. I especially liked that you shared your gift from Josh the other day.

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