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Big News!


(As a preface to this entry, please remember Andrew has (at the time of this post), had LESS than 3 semesters of general education curriculum in his life!)

I did really well on the Practice ACT.  Hearing I got a 15 made me feel like I began my journey to prove my intelligence!  I hope that those who read this get how long and hard I fought for my freedom to feel taken seriously.  I suffered through many many tests that introduced baby ideas that insulted my intellect.  In many minds, I am the big kid ready to be dumbed down by their expectations.  I am getting tired of being viewed like this!  Because of the test results, I’m hoping you see my intelligence as my great equalizer!!  Now go tell others to look to my life as an example of presuming competence.  You have the power to change lives!!!

7 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Ms. Casey

    Andrew – You did it! YOU did it! You fought and fought for your right to be seen as a person with ABILITIES and you DID IT! Thank you for forgiving me for all the years I didn’t quite understand, but longed to. Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you for stirring something inside of me that made me keep searching until I found you. Thank you for sacrificing so much so that many who come after you will have fewer struggles and greater access to a full free and appropriate education! I can’t imagine what you’ll be able to do with that ACT in two more years!!! Congratulations, Andrew!!

  2. Heather Cacanindin

    Keep at it Andrew! You are doing such great work and this will be an inspiration for others. Let your light shine!

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