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Campbell is my support dog.  He is a golden retriever and is from Support Dogs Inc. in St Louis.  He is two years old and I love him so much I couldn’t imagine me without him anymore.  I got him in April of 2014.  The people said he would be there for me and they were right!  He helps me by getting things for me and sleeping with me!  Most of all he is my best friend because he loves me no matter what!!!!  I think this is a great idea for any one like me because my dog can be a great friend to you too if you get one.  Great things are going to happen to you as well if you get a dog from Support Dogs!  Even if you can’t get a dog from there, there are great people who work there like Miss Nadine and Miss Cindy and Miss Christina.  I also love the people who raised Campbell, The Figges.  They did an awesome job and I want them to know how much I appreciate what they did!!!!  Campbell gets me in ways people don’t.  He comes over to me when I am upset to see if I am ok and he puts his head on my lap which I love!  He is so soft and happy all the time.  (Andrew became very emotional at this point).  Understand that this is hard for me to type because I love him so much!  He goes with me to the dr and to therapy and to camp to drop me off and go back home and he rides with me in the car.  I wish he could go to school with me but Miss Nadine says no because there needs to be someone to work with him all the time and I can’t give him commands.  Controlling my body would be easier with him there but I understand.  Campbell helps me control my body because he makes me happier because he helps my brain relax.  I love Campbell and he loves me too.  Thank you Support Dogs for this part of my new life!

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  1. Pop Pop

    I know Campbell loves you at lot. I can tell by the way he looks at you and wants to be close to you. This is another example of how special you are, and how everyone cares for you. It is so cute to see him curled up in his bed in your bedroom when you are sleeping!


  2. Colleen York

    Hi Andrew, I’m a friend of Miss Casey’s, and I really enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to everything you have to say! I’m so glad that you have Campbell now. He sounds amazing, and it looks like the two of you were made for each other. It makes me happy that he understands you so well. My wish is that more people would understand like Campbell does….so keep on typing!

  3. Kelly Oehmke

    Andrew, I love the way you share your feelings. I am also so happy you have such an amazing friend. I think Campbell is wonderful. I have two Golden Retrievers, Bo (9 months) and Daisy (about 3 months). They bring our family so much joy. Campbell is so lucky to have you to love him also.

  4. ashleywatsonboonslick

    Andrew, you are so incredible man! I can’t believe how far you have come and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you. I wish you could bring Campbell to teen club! He seems pretty great and I’m so happy you have him. Keep posting bud, I love reading what you type!
    – Ashley Watson from teen club and summer camp :)

  5. Nancy

    Hi Andrew, My friend Maureen shared this entry with me because I am raising a puppy for Support Dogs, and he is going there later this month for advanced training and placement with someone like you. I know he will do a great job, and letting him go is a little easier when I think about how much he can help and how much he will be loved in his new home. Thanks for sharing this story on your blog. You’re doing a great job!

  6. Sharon

    Andrew, I had the pleasure of meeting you and your mom when you were learning to work with Campbell. I brought lunch in one of those days. You impressed me then and you impress me now with your good writing. It is so good to hear what good buddies you and Campbell are. He is lucky to have you to love. Wishing you all the best! Sharon

  7. Cory

    Hi Andrew. My son Hunter also has a dog from support dogs. Waco is the best boy and we love him so much. I will post a picture of Hunter and Waco on the fb post about your blog that Support Dogs put up. I don’t see a way to leave a picture here. I am loving your blog!! So happy you can get your thoughts and ideas out into the world. Keep it up!! You are a rock star.

  8. A. Brooke

    Great blog Andrew! You are so lucky to have a dog like Campbell. Your blog is such an encouragement to others raising puppies for Support Dogs, as well as people who will have the privilege to own one like you!

  9. rhc726

    Andrew -My name is Robin, and I met you during Team Training at SDI. I am so thrilled to read all about your adventures with Campbell. I hope you will continue to keep us posted on your life with this golden boy:) I am one of the volunteers who feeds the kennel dogs their dinner on weekdays, so I know Campbell pretty well and he is such a sweetheart. You two guys are very lucky to have each other – I am so happy for both of you. Keep up the good work!!

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