Andrew's Real Life of Autism




(This is in response to a question Andrew had to answer in English…….  Has there ever been a conflict you chose not to resolve and if so, why and what was the result?)

When Mom didn’t fight hard enough for my voice at IEP meetings.  I didn’t compromise because I knew I could do the work.  I was guilty of being tough with her, but I needed to learn!!!!!  Things were tough but I convinced her to go my way (LOL).  The result is that I’m typing this answer feeling understood finally!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Conflict

  1. Heather Cacanindin

    Keep fighting for your voice, Andrew!. You have already accomplished so much. You continue to amaze all of us.

  2. Marsha

    Andrew it’s wonderful that you have your voice and are still fighting so hard to be better understood. Remember sometimes we have to have patience too. You and Your mom have worked so hard to get you where you are and I think you will have a great future ahead of you. Continue on your path and you will see a difference.
    Ms. Marsha

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