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Freedom for Easter!!!!!!!

empty tomb


I was happy to not find my God in the tomb this Easter for He is ready in heaven for me!  My life has very much relied on God to give me God’s hope.  Really glad He comes again!!!  This was the first Easter since I found my voice and since I was baptized.  I was able to do what everyone else does on Easter.  I was able to go into the service for worship!  I was so overcome by the joy I felt in my heart that my body couldn’t contain it!  He pardoned my dead life, I am new in Jesus!  Freedom is in God alone!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Freedom for Easter!!!!!!!

  1. Aunt Bonnie

    If anyone can understand being raised to new life, it is certainly you, Andrew. So glad your resurrection Sunday experience this year was so filled with joy and new life. Love you!!

  2. Gina

    I was so excited that you were in the service Sunday! As I was singing I looked out and saw you and your mom and I was filled with even more joy as I sang about how Jesus beat death!
    You are quite the blessing, young man! You AND your extraordinary family!

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