Andrew's Real Life of Autism

God is Good!


(Andrew’s response after finding out his next IEP meeting was going to be delayed until December).

The last week was hard because I thought I was going to have to wait until December to have my voice heard for my meeting at school.  I thought I was going to lose my brain.  I thought God forgot about me but He was there just when I thought I couldn’t do it.  I was scared that my voice would get lost but now I know I have hope.  My body was so out of control because I was so upset!!!!!!  Getting my body to listen to me was pointless.  I was stimming and getting into stuff I shouldn’t have however I couldn’t deal with the thought of getting lost again.  Opening my world was just hope for a much better life but losing it would kill me!  Going back to my old life possibly to much.

But my mom told me they are trying to find a meeting in November!!!!  God forgave me for my doubt and was faithful!!!!  God is good!!!

2 thoughts on “God is Good!

  1. Aunt Bonnie

    Andrew: as with the deliverance of the children of Israel, He did NOT bring you out this far to send you back again. You have been given a voice that we all know about, and none of us who love you will let that voice get lost ever again. God loves you, and so do we.

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