Andrew's Real Life of Autism

Going For It!


(Today was Andrew’s first day ever in General Education classes.  He spent half of his day in Social Studies, Science and Math.  He was terribly anxious about how his body would handle the excitement and all the new changes.  It has been a long road getting to this day and we knew it would be one Andrew would never forget!  So we were counting down the minutes until he got home to find out how it went………………..)

It was awesome!  I am so excited!  It was difficult not to lose control of my body!!  It took everything I had just to sit there.  Not too much did I learn because of my body.  But I did it. Killed me to punt for the real goal hoping I would score and I felt the pressure but it was good! (In reference to a “good” field goal in football).  Haha!  Hoping to do it again tomorrow.  Biting off the whole meal.  (Asked for more detail)  Hoping to be successful everyday!  I’m built for Gen Ed. (Asked how he felt being in the classrooms with his peers).  Just tried to keep it together and not pay attention to the kids.  My para is nice and helpful!  Freedom is not here but it is better. Thanks for making this happen Mom and Dad.  Just loving my life today!

10 thoughts on “Going For It!

  1. Gina

    Praying that EACH day is a fresh new start and that you continue to LOVE class as much this time next year too!!!
    So incredibly proud of you and yo call you friend !! Blessed!!!
    Thank You, God!!!!

  2. Samantha Kelly

    Hi Andrew!
    I met you at the conference in St. Charles at the community college. I think it is awesome how you have learned how to type. You have inspired me to do my best to help the students that I work with every day. I am so excited for you! Keep doing your best in school and making your voice heard wherever you go!
    Samantha Kelly

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