Andrew's Real Life of Autism

My Letter!!!!

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(Andrew received his academic letter today from West High School.  Below is his reaction)

I’m smart – I’m really learning.  I feel really great about this.  I’m going to free others to follow me in my path!!!  Concentrating on my education is now paying off!

7 thoughts on “My Letter!!!!

  1. Patricia

    this is Rachel’s Mimi. She shares your stories with me. I am so proud of what you have accomplished. You will be quite a roll model for your friends.

  2. Rachel Moore

    Andrew, congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!! I’m so excited to see what you amazing things you’ll conquer next.

  3. Casey DePriest

    Andrew, your determination is paying off! You are one remarkable young man and I am proud of you and your mom for always advocating and never accepting “no” on your quest toward a full education!!!

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