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My Opening to Presenting


I was invited to speak at The Direct Support Caregiver Conference near my home a few weeks ago.  I was honored to be asked to open the minds of others to my voice to let them see my world.  It was an amazing experience for me!  

Both of my parents got to be there to help me speak and it was hope that they very much supported me!  My mom talked really well for a while about my hope for finding my voice.  I was able to tell them how my life had changed with my voice!  I both thought it was freedom and high excitement to tell them how hope is now part of my life.  They loved it for me to tell my story because it helped them understand my very tough life.  The best part was not feeling very out of place because I was the main speaker!!!   I got to do some typing at the end and that was fun!  I had a really good time meeting lots of people different from me. 

But I now know reaching millions by speaking is my purpose.  Reaching those to teach others doesn’t hopefully require me to wait forever.  I’m excited you’re watching my journey with me. Open your minds to helping my really good job by seeing if there are any times I can reach groups you know of!!!!!!  Just teaching them would be my honor!  You can contact me at  Thanks to each of you for reading.  It is so encouraging!





3 thoughts on “My Opening to Presenting

  1. Pop Pop


    I was there for both days of your presentations and was SO PROUD of you (as well as your Mom and Dad). The total presentation was beautifully done and very inspiring to everyone in attendance. I’m sure you can make a real contribution to many lives in the future!


  2. Casey

    Andrew, I am so proud of your courage and I am pleased to hear of your motivation to use your voice to change minds about non-verbal autism. You are already an inspiration to many, but I can’t wait to see the number of lives you will touch with your story! This is only the beginning!

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