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My Best Friend!

IMG_3848 IMG_3946 IMG_3940Cooper

I saw Cooper in the hospital today.  He is my best friend and we are building a great relationship.  He is a strong kid and one of my best friends.  He gets me and likes me and loves to make me laugh!  He has a high happiness for life and is hopeful all the time.  I want everyone to know how much he has gone through in his life.  He has had nineteen surgeries and he is only ten!!!  We are good friends.  We met last year at Ranken Jordan and we were roommates.  I missed him so much while he was home in Nashville but now he is back for another surgery.  We have the really good Dr. Anderson to help us with our legs.  Just love seeing him in our town but just sorry he had to have surgery again.  We both love football and baseball and Duck Dynasty.  You hillying and valleying with me is freedom for me, Cooper.  (Hillying and valleying is listening to the sounds I make when I am relaxed).  Thank you for being my friend Cooper.  I love you.  Andrew


4 thoughts on “My Best Friend!

  1. Dan McPheron

    The photos are awesome. I have met Cooper before. He is a strong young man with a very positive outlook on life. He has been through an awful lot. You are both lucky to have each other as friends.

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