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Post From Mom – Success!


I have taken over Andrew’s blog for this one post.   Many of you read Andrew’s recent posts titled “Going For It” and “Realization.”  Well, I wanted to update everyone on how Andrew has been “going for it.” In the first few weeks, he has taken 2 tests.  The first was in Social Studies and he got 80% and yesterday he took a Science test and received a 72%.  Now these numbers may not knock the socks off any typical parent.  But it brings tears to this mom’s eyes.

Andrew has only been in Gen Ed classes for about 3 weeks and has jumped into Eighth Grade material.  Not only that, he started these classes in the middle of the year with a brand new para!!!!  To understand, retain and then pass back the correct information is a huge feat.  Now add to that a body that does not cooperate!!!!!   For years, so many have only looked at you from the surface, myself included at times.  But there is so much more to you just below that surface and you finally are able to show us!   I stand in awe of you Andrew and your determination, strength and patience. Keep “Going For It” and treasure each success!  You’ve earned it!






6 thoughts on “Post From Mom – Success!

  1. Pop Pop


    I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!! You give all of us a wonderful example of strength and dedication. Keep up the fine work.


  2. Bev Moore

    Dear Andrew, My name is Bev Moore and I am the Social Worker for Community Living. I was blessed to be in the audience at the conference you and your parents spoke at yesterday (March 18, 2015). You are a truly inspirational young man and I am sooooo glad you found your voice. Your family is amazing. I was very touched by your deep love of God and Jesus. I have shared the experience of being touched by you yesterday with numerous family and friends and plan on sharing it with many many more!

    I do have one question–does your body ever completely rest? Both you and your mom spoke about the tremendous amount of concentration and energy it takes to slow down or decrease your movements.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and touching so many lives. Your enthusiasm and love of life is contagious. Yours is the first (and only) blog I’ve ever followed and I plan on continuing to do so. God Bless you and your family! I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you 😀

    1. Andrew Post author


      “When I’m trying to control my body, my mind is calm. The only time my body is resting is when I am sleeping. Forever grateful and thanks to you!” Andrew

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