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Presuming Competence



(Andrew attended a music therapy conference session this week and addressed the therapists in attendance with these comments)……..


If you don’t talk to me like I’m in here,  then it’s not presuming competence. You might be like most people, you think you are but you might not be. If you talk to me in a baby voice about geometry, it’s still not presuming competence. I’m not deaf or stupid. My body tries to take over but my brain is still smart.

You can do both – presume competence and speak to me like a human. It’s terrible to be told you are mentally retarded but KNOW you aren’t. It happened to me and I wanted to die!!!! Don’t make that mistake with your clients. We are their voice. We speak for them. Think of us when you work with your clients.

4 thoughts on “Presuming Competence

  1. Dan McPheron

    I can only imagine your frustration. Don’t ever give up. Continue to learn and medical break throughs are happening every day.

  2. Joyce Kruse

    Dear Andrew, you are brave, you speak wisdom, you have a large-scale passionate heart, and you are a good writer. I am inspired by what you said, and the words you wrote. I hope and pray you will write a book. When you do, I know an artist who would be willing to design the front cover for free….me! I can relate to your words ” My body tried to take over but my brain is still smart. ” Many days I wake up and think about all the things I would like to do….but then my body hinders me with its various physical ailments. But we press on, don’t we Andrew? Yes, we do. We can, because inside of our human frame is God’s Holy Spirit energizing us and cheering us on. Praying for you Andrew. With love, Ms. Joyce

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