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ReThinking Autism


Last weekend I got to be at the ReThinking Autism Conference.  It was freedom to my mind and body!  I got to hear more about autism research and big changes in body research.  Too many people get stuck in their horrible body just like me!  Understand open minds get hope for new ideas to help people like me.  Too great a problem to ignore!  (Here is a link to some of the research presented

I got to be a presenter on a panel of kids talking about our education and our lives!  During my part, I was very much nervous so my body was terribly out of my control.  It was embarrassing but my friend Matt really encouraged me to calm down and it helped!!!  To really be out of my body control concerned me but Suzanne (Suzanne Oliver, MT-BC, NMT Fellow, Founder and Executive Director of NMTSA)  told me it showed good examples of how someone can be out of control, but very much in control in their heads!!!  It helped my hope to know I did show others my good side!!!  Good words from Suzanne were very encouraging to me.

I kept loving to learn good things but I don’t hope getting there will be fast.  Just lots more to learn about autism to mean freedom is here for all!

Good friends were there and I met new ones too!  I hope things will click for all of us soon.  My favorite part of the conference was hearing hope that things will get better for those of us with autism.

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