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Thank You!



I ate at a Cracker Barrel today.  Our waitress’ name was Michelle.  She got my body because her sister has autism.  Doing things for her is what got us talking.  She asked what I was doing typing and my mom told her it was how I communicate.  She asked me if she was bothering me because I had my hands over my ears.  It was so nice of her to ask me that.  She thought my typing was awesome and she got very excited when she heard about my blog.  We gave her my card and with my information on it and she said she would read it!  All the time she talked to me not about me!!!  That meant so much to me.  Thank you Michelle for treating me like the person I really am!



5 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Wendy Allyn

    Great to hear, Andrew!! Michelle shows you there are people out there who do see YOU and talk to YOU!! We need to all remember to be like your new friend, Michelle!

  2. Sonna Berghaier

    What a wonderful experience for you, and her too, Andrew. I am a friend of Peyton’s mother, Carole, and taught school for many years. I wish I had known then what I am learning now.

  3. Pam

    Andrew, you are opening the door for people like me who don’t have experience with autism to understand in a whole new light. Thanks so much!

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