Andrew's Real Life of Autism

This was Freedom!

Today Andrew took his first 3 high school finals ever.  He had tremendous anxiety last night and this morning worrying if he would be successful. Although he struggled with his body throughout the day, when he got home, he typed “This was freedom!  I did it!!!!”

As of right now, we know Andrew got an A and a B+ on two of the three exams from today!!!!  He is exhausted but empowered by his ability to work through this milestone.  We are so proud of you Andrew!

2 more days to go until a well-deserved Christmas break!



5 thoughts on “This was Freedom!

  1. Heather Cacanindin

    So proud of you Andrew! You have come so far and you just keep accomplishing all the goals you set for yourself. Relish in the joy of your accomplishments. May God continue to bless you in 2016 and always.

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