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Time Trouble


(In response to this online article about autistics having trouble with the concept of time).

(As always, statements in parenthesis are my questions to Andrew regarding this topic.)

I have the same problem with time. I have a really hard time knowing what day it is. I need help with this by looking at a calendar.  I would like a wall calendar in my room!  That would be great.

(What about keeping track of time during the day, like hours or minutes?)

I would also like to have a clock in my room to hang on the wall because I also have trouble keeping track of hours and minutes. Have trouble keeping track of how long a minute is. That is very difficult for me. It makes it hard for me to know how long something is going to last. It makes me nervous.

(How else can I help?)

The calendar and clock will help and a better real way just to know how long something will last.

(Ok, what about crossing off each day on your calendar so you can remember what day it is?)


(What about some of the timers they use at school? The visual timers you have seen?) see image above

I love those! I want one! Here and at camp and at school, everywhere!

(Would that make you feel less nervous and more in control of understanding time?)

That would be fantastic!!

(What about a day planner that lists each hour so you would know what to expect next-like a visual schedule but with words and times?) see image above

Understand me that I need your help with this. I love it!

(How would getting all these things make you feel in general?)

That would make me feel relieved about my life!

(What does that mean?)

Having an understanding of my schedule. Great news for me!

(Is this something you would be share on your blog?)

Yes I think it would help others understand how to help.

(Do you think others with autism struggle with this as well?)


(So you can help lots of others who could use this kind of structure!)

Heck yeah!

5 thoughts on “Time Trouble

  1. Gina

    Hey, Andrew! I love this idea! By the way, I too have trouble with how long things last. I use a kitchen time at school ALL the time! I used to say “Okay, just 5 more minutes” and then start helping students and 15 minutes later … well, you get the picture. Even now, when I wake up to my alarm, I hit the snooze button so that the alarm goes off every 10 minutes. This helps me stay focused so I can leave for work at the right time! (well, most of the time) 😉

  2. Nicole Weisman

    Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for sharing your ‘trouble with time’ view! I also get nervous and anxious when I don’t know how long something takes, like standing in line…or if I expect something to take 5 minutes & it takes longer I may get upset. When I’m feeling anxious I repeat this verse: “Who among you by worrying can add an hour to your life?” Matthew 6:27 I hope this verse can help you as it does me, it conquers both the time aspect AND the anxiety! I love the idea of using calendar & timer tools as well! Thanks again for sharing:)

    1. Andrew Post author

      You are going to be fine when you worry. God is always in charge of us and He never forgets about us! I know from my own life this is true. Keep praying friend!

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