Andrew's Real Life of Autism

To Those Ready to Use Your Voice and Need Help But Don’t Have It Yet……

God has given me this gift of autism to give hope to those who have not found their voice.  Keep fighting to be found early in your life so you can do great things.  To those not early in your life, God just needs you to be patient until you find your voice or go to heaven.  Finding your voice needs to be your top priority.  Early on will be your hardest time to believe you can do it but keep fighting your body!  Find people who believe in you and hope for more.  Very hard to fight harder than you ever have before but it is worth it.  No one can do it but you and God.  Being true to yourself is most important.  Very hard for others to believe in you but that’s where God comes in to help.  Building no more than freedom is hard but no one knows more than you how hard things can be!  Freedom if you fight for it is likely.  Freedom is God’s gift to you!  Hunger for it daily, hunger for it highly, build friendships just like silly people like you (haha) and freedom will come.  I got hungry and you will too!  I’ll be talking for you until then!!  Be open to others finding your voice go to God and thank Him for your life!  Just love just breathe God gets you.  He loves you so much just trust Him to provide!

3 thoughts on “To Those Ready to Use Your Voice and Need Help But Don’t Have It Yet……

  1. Dan McPheron

    Andrew, keep fighting and stay hungry for freedom. God does love you very much and does need you to teach others!

  2. Lauren

    Andrew, wow I just read your story and am blown away. You are in a great position for God to use you to speak to so many people with autism and their families!!!

    I have assisted people with autism in various ways over the years. Once, when I was in college, I would spend a few hours a week taking care of a 16-yr old girl who was nonverbal. Instead of reading “baby books” to her, I would bring teen magazines and read them. My friends thought this was funny, but I figured, “Hey, I don’t know what her preferences are, so I might as well mix things up a little bit!”

    You have forever changed the way I will approach those who cannot vocally speak up for themselves! Keep up the good work!

  3. Anne Rogers

    Hi Andrew. My name is Anne Rogers. I am Julie McConnell’s aunt. She told me about your blog and I am very excited to subscribe. I am a retired teacher and worked with autistic children. I am thrilled that you have found your voice!

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