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Truth In My Voice

(Andrew is back to blogging after many medication changes, new equipment and best of all, what this post is about!  He has been using a new Augmentative Device called Chat Fusion.  It allows him to activate a switch with his right knee to select “buttons” that speak phrases Andrew has chosen.  Read on for the exciting news…………………)


There is truth in my voice with this device.  I longed for it my whole life.  It’s my freedom more than typing because it’s independent.  It takes lots of work and is both physically and mentally exhausting but it’s great not relying on mom.  It’s my inclusion for life.  So many possibilities.  I’m motivated to work hard to make it work.


(We are hoping to post a short video of Andrew using his device soon but he gets self-conscious when he is recorded.  In the meantime, here is a view of the setup.  The device scans through choices on the screen and he selects the phrase he wants with the switch by his knee.)


Andrew device photo


4 thoughts on “Truth In My Voice

  1. Aunt Bonnie

    Andrew, I am so excited for this new tool you have to connect to those around you. I am so looking forward to getting a chance to chat with you and to see your new “voice” in action. Love you ————— Aunt Bonnie

  2. Travis

    Andrew – Can I just say, that I’m so glad to have met you! Seeing you find your voice has changed my life. Before meeting you, I would see other people with a similar diagnosis and would be to interact with them.

    Believe it or not, adults have insecurities too, and would often wonder, “What do I say?”, “Will it be awkward?”, “Will the other person think I’m weird?”, or “what if I offend them by something I say or do?” or “does he/she even understand?”

    Meeting you helped me to know that, “Yes, he/she does understand,” and “I don’t care if they think I’m weird,” because maybe it will make them smile inside, and bring them joy.

    I also want you to know that even if we don’t get to talk at church, you can e-mail me any time, and I will e-mail you back.

    Sincerely, Your Friend,

  3. Ann

    Way to go, Andrew! Looks like an awesome device. Your hard work & determination is showing in all aspects. Love you, Aunt Ann 💕

  4. Danielle

    Technology is incredible as is your determination!!! So happy for you Andrew!! When I go to Dan and Marsha’s house again I hope to meet you! God bless you!

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