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When I Can’t Use My Voice

***This blog is a response to a recent situation when Andrew was left without a facilitator (someone who provides physical and other supports to Andrew to allow him to communicate by typing).  The questions in parenthesis are what I asked Andrew during this conversation***

When I don’t have my voice because there is no one to help me type, I feel like I am really helpless.  I am the thinking person if I can talk or not.  If I can’t type, I’m still the same in my mind.  Please just treat me like like-minded friends. Just keep treating me like everyone else.   

(How can people who can’t type with you help if you don’t have a facilitator?)

Be nice to me and don’t forget I am there.  Please love me no matter what my body does.

(How do you feel or what do you think about when you are without a facilitator for longer periods of time?)

I like to think about bigger things when I get in those times, like getting help for others and telling more and more people about typing.

(When you meet people that don’t know you can type, what do you want them to know?)

I want the person I am with to tell them I can talk.

(Is there anything else you want to tell everyone about this?)

Just that I am a person too with feelings and emotions just like you!  Just never give up on me.

4 thoughts on “When I Can’t Use My Voice

  1. Marsha McPheron

    Andrew your blog helps me so much to learn how to better communicate with you. I know I still ask you questions that you aren’t able to give me an answer and it must be frustrating for you. Please have patience with me. Sometimes I think I am invading your personal space when I sit too clost to you in the hammock. Just give me a nudge and I will move over. Ha ha

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